Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Audix D2

The Audix D2 is a premium dynamic instrument microphone that is ideal for use on stage, in the studio, and for broadcast applications. Designed, engineered and made in the USA with a hyper-cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control, and is capable of handling high sound pressure levels of up to 144dB! Furthermore, the D2 is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction making it a favorite among audio engineers.


The D2 is an excellent choice for miking instruments with a percussive nature such as rack toms, congas, saxophones, guitar cabinets and brass. Transformerless design, low impedance, and balanced output ensure that the D2 hyper-cardioid instrument microphone will perform interference-free.


  • High-performance dynamic instrument microphone
  • Great for stage, studio & broadcast applications
  • Hyper-cardioid design rejects background and spill noise
  • Suitable for drums, percussion, saxophone, brass, and guitar & bass cabinets
  • Impressive 68 Hz to 18 kHz frequency range
  • Enhanced Mid-Bass Frequencies
  • >144 dB Maximum SPL Rating

Audix D2 Dynamic Instrument Microphone

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